About The Club
camping Like all divisions of the South African Camping Club, the KwaZulu-Natal Section is basically a crowd of like-minded campers who choose to camp together rather than on their own. This does not mean that you cannot get away for a family holiday, nor does it mean that you are obliged to camp with the Club. Several of our members have become good friends over the years and there are often separate group get-togethers arranged, specifically at venues which cater for particular interests like bird-watching or mountain-biking.  The S.A. Camping Club originated in KZN and we are proud to boast some 65 member families, including founder members Ted and Moyra Allbon. Despite the largest membership, actual camp attendance hovers around an average of 12 caravans per Rally, with some venues more popular than others, and 80 percent of attendance attributed to about 25 percent of our members.

The most important thing to impress on aspirant members is the flexibility the Club provides. Rallies are selected by the Committee for an entire year in advance, always subject to change for reasons like price, availability and booking response.  Choosing to attend a Rally is entirely optional. You can attend every Rally for the year, a few Rallies, or none at all.   Children are welcome and guests are encouraged. We usually have a communal supper at each Rally eg. “ a braai, stir fry or potjie evening. Attendance is completely optional. Themed Rallies like Easter and Halloween are great fun, with most attendees joining in, but again, nothing is compulsory. The AGM Rally and the Christmas Rally usually include a more formal sit-down meal. We find that most active campers enjoy this social interaction, but again, it’s all completely optional.

SACC Camping Club

Christmas When setting up the Rallies for the year, we start with one Rally per month, usually the last weekend of the month.  Then we add in factors like long weekends, school holidays and private school mid-term breaks. This shifts the calendar around quite a bit, so then we move on to distance, price, weather and variety.  The end result (we hope) is a mixture of Beach, Berg and Inland Parks, short-distance, longer distance venues, ordinary weekend get-aways and holiday offerings to suit everyone.  My constant reminder whenever we discuss venues: Although one particular camp may not be your own personal favorite, it’s bound to be someone elses. Camp for the sake of camping, the comraderie and the sheer joy of getting away for a break.
How To Join
You cannot join the Club without attending two Rallies as a guest. You then complete an application form which has to be signed off in acceptance of your membership. Annual subscriptions are payable at a very nominal rate, and an additional small fee is raised per Rally attendance for general expenses like charcoal, firelighters and badges. If you would like more information, see our Future Rally page, then contact one of our Committee members for further assistance. 40th Birthday Preparation Complete
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